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Back In The Day...




Back in the Day

photo booth

One morning back in 1969......

I’m putting together a folio for my application to Glasgow School of Art. In trundles May. "I've had enough, I’m off!" he explodes, referring to the job he's had as a uncivil servant since being expelled from our school.
No future there for a talent such as his. "I'm
pissing off to the Big Smoke," he snarls
looking at me expectantly.

 For the last couple of years we have been messing around in a band, playing some gigs, playing with the girls.
Two seventeen year olds fantasising about sex ’n rock and roll.
So this is the fork in the road they talk about.
I scratch my schoolboy head.
Ours has been a long friendship, just like brothers.
Shit, he ain’t going anywhere without me. We have a destiny to fulfil.

We persuade the other two guys in the band to join us on this journey of discovery and before you can shake a rabid dog's tail we all set off for the city where streets are paved with gold... 

Album Sleeve Notes

runaway album cover

Needless to say it all went tits up and we found ourselves filthy, starving and dejected.
Strangely, we spent our last half crown on photo booth pics in Euston Station, whilst waiting for our train back home.

Flash forward to 2012...

It’s morning. I get a call from May.
"Okay Penn, you retired old git. Remember our dreams of way back then?" he says in his cock-o'-the-walk brogue.
I moan, rubbing sleep from my eyes, scratching my old boy's head.
"It's time we recorded an album together, so just start writing some bloody songs."

Well you know what...? He ain’t doing a feckin' album without me!

I yawn, as I drift off, back to sleep, dreamin' up some tunes.... 

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